Ways to Help Your Child Feel Good About Their Height

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Talk Together

Start by having a friendly chat with your child. Ask them how they feel about how tall they are. Listen carefully and let them know you’re there for them.

Ways To Help Your Child Fel Good

You’re Special

Tell your child that everyone is different, and that’s what makes them special. Share stories about famous people who are tall or short and did amazing things.

Be Happy with You

Explain that it’s important to be happy with who they are, no matter their height. They are more than just how tall they are. They’re smart, kind, and capable in many ways.

Stay Healthy

Talk about staying healthy. It’s not about being a certain height; it’s about eating well and getting exercise to feel strong and full of energy.

No Comparisons

Tell your child not to compare themselves to others. Everyone is unique, and comparing doesn’t make anyone happier. Instead, focus on getting better at things you like.

Stand Up to Bullies

If someone is mean about your child’s height, teach them how to stand up for themselves. They should also feel comfortable talking to you about it. If things get really bad, let their school know.

Choose Clothes You Like

Let your child pick their own clothes. When they wear something they like, they’ll feel more confident.

Be a Good Example

Show your child that you’re happy with your own height and body. You’re their role model, and they’ll learn a lot from you.


Helping your child feel good about their height is a wonderful gift. By creating a loving environment, having open talks, and reminding them of their unique qualities, you can help your child feel proud of who they are, no matter how tall they are. Your support and love are what matter most in helping them through this part of growing up.

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